Human Design with Natalie Niksa


We all have gifts, mine is nourishing you. Gentle Guidance incorporates Human Design with Astrology and the backbone to this knowledge is digestion. We digest everything in and around our lives. Each Human Design session guides you back to your roots and offers tools to live your healthiest life. 

I am a survivor, a woman, wife, mother, sister, daughter and chef. I believe that we are all our own healers and simply need the tools to be so. Through my own life experiences and knowledge of Human Design, the art of our energetic map and Astrology, how the planets in our chart act as the actors in our individual 'plays', I gently guide you to get back on track and thrive.

After purchase, you will be sent a link to my Calendly page to schedule your time. You will also be sent a survey to collect your birth information before our session.

The more willing you are to show up for YOU, the more magical our session will be. Thank you for welcoming me into your purpose. 

*Please note that I never keep a timer. If our session runs 'over' there is no additional fee. My sessions are sacred. There is no monetary value appropriate to capture the gift of giving yourself a human design and/or astrology reading.

Guided Options: 

    • Human Design Reading (60 minute session): How do you become your most authentic self? It starts with de conditioning and Human Design makes this possible. Each reading is uniquely designed based on the chart being read. Natalie's Human Design approach is nurturing while being very informative as YOUR time and resources are valuable. In this session you will walk away understanding your energy type and how best to utilize the energies that are available to you, your authority and how best to listen to your inner guidance, your strategy and how best to apply these practices in a day to day setting along with your incarnation cross, which is your souls purpose and life's work. Natalie also looks at your Sun Gate Gene Key and your specific digestion profile giving you insight on how best to eat, move and sleep for your energy type along with your super power (we all have one)! 
    • Human Design + Astrological Chart (90 minute session): In this session Natalie combines your full Human Design body graph with your Astrological Natal promise. You will learn how to show up and shine through your Natal position of your Sun in conjunction with your Human Design Energy Type. You will explore what your emotional needs are in terms of the position of your Natal Moon and how it relates with your Authority. Mercury, Venus and Mars will help support how you implement your Human Design strategy. And your North and South nodes will be explored in relationship to your Incarnation Cross, which is your souls purpose and life's work.   
    • Follow up session (30 minute session): Need a quick refresher and/or additional guidance? Book a 30 minute Human Design follow up session here.
    • Human Design Reading for Children under 18 (30 minute session): In this session, you will learn about the energy type of your child, their authority, strategy and how best to support them to be the best versions of themselves!
    • In Kind: Natalie believes that readings are Sacred. If you or someone you know would greatly benefit from this work, however is not in the financial position to pay the full amount, please email to inquire about options.