Human Design and the Planets with Natalie Niksa


My practice is called, Gentle Guidance as my intention is to meet you wherever you may be. I have hosted dozens of live sessions and after pausing with each of you virtually and/or via phone, I find that my written email 'recap' of who and how to work with the energetics of your chart is what is most cherished.  

Each of us hold such a dynamic story to be discovered. 

Who am I and how did I end up combining my training as a Chef with readings? We all have gifts and one of mine is nourishing others literally and figuratively. I am a survivor, a woman, wife, mother, sister, daughter and chef. I believe that we are all our own healers and simply need the tools to remember how to be so. 

My decision to transition into Letter Healings versus continuing with traditional readings allows for me to combine my knowledge of chart reading with my love of writing. 

*Please note that my readings are shared in the form of a sacred letter, often multiple pages detailing the main energies I read from your chart(s). Each 'letter' is a reminding and remembrance of who you are which I will email for you to hold onto and cherish. This way the information can be digested in your own time. You can always email me as well with follow up questions. 

Once you select your choice of reading, I typically reply with your personal letter within 3-7 weeks. 

After purchase, you will be sent a survey to collect your birth information.  Thank you for welcoming me into your purpose. 

Guided Options: 

    • Human Design Reading: How do you become your most authentic self? It starts with de-conditioning and Human Design makes this possible. Each letter healing is uniquely designed based on the chart being read. Natalie's Human Design approach is nurturing while being very informative as YOUR resources are valuable. The goal is for you to be seen and given permission to live as you originally contracted to. Each letter is a priceless gift for yourself and the amount of take away knowledge is just the beginning to your next story. You are on purpose. 
    • Human Design + Astrological Chart: Natalie combines your full Human Design body graph with your Astrological Natal promise. This is a deep dive into the energetics of your human design and natal promise as we look at your sun, moon and nodal positions at the time you were born. The amount of information provided in this session will leave you soaring with ideas. 
    • The Gene Keys: A dive into your Sun Sign Gene Key; the expression of your life's calling. 
    • 8 Phases: A look at the Moon (starting with the New Moon) for one month using your Sun sign. Once this is booked, Natalie will reach out with options for when you can expect to hear from her. New sessions need to be booked at least 2 weeks prior to the New Moon. Try our Intentional Kit with this experience, it's super powerful!
    • Partnership Charts: A comparison of charts for intimate and/or business relationships. This is an in depth exploration of two human design charts looking at where paths cross and energies intersect for growth potential. *Please allow for 8 weeks to prepare for this selection as it requires several hours of preparation. 
    • Quick Follow up session: Need a quick refresher and/or additional guidance? Natalie is happy to answer your questions via email. 
    • Human Design Reading for Children under 18: A letter to learn about the energy type of your child, their authority, strategy and how best to support them to be the best versions of themselves!
    • In Kind: Natalie believes that readings are Sacred. If you or someone you know would greatly benefit from this work, however is not in the financial position to pay the full amount, please email to inquire about options. 

All sales are final 


Natalie studied with Jenna Zoe: and DayLuna You can find free content and your human design chart on either site!

For Astrology, Natalie studied with Rebecca Gordon:

Natalie has also taken Richard Rudd's courses on the Gene Keys: