Mommy Soups


Mommy Soups was born after one of Natalie's highschool friends reached out (from the opposite coast) seeking nourishing soups that would be easily accessible once her 4th child was born.

Mommy Soups is for anyone at any time in life needing a bit of Mommy love. 
Soups warm the soul and soften the spirit. Whether you or someone you know is in recovery or simply needing a reset, our soups are healing. 

We make each batch of soup fresh often using ingredients from our Napa farmer, Rachel and ship each soup frozen to retain the nutrient content naturally found in the enzymes of all fresh fruits and vegetables. Each order of Mommy Soups also includes Chia Seed pudding. Chia is a concentrated protein source that is loaded with fiber and is incredibly supportive for inflammation. The word 'chia' means strength which is fitting as this little seed is pure fuel for the body. 

All of our soups are Gluten Free and often Vegetarian and Dairy Free. We rotate flavors that are always seasonally inspired. 

Here are a few of our seasonal soup flavors:

Coconut Thai Vegetable

Potato Leek

White Bean and Kale

Carrot Ginger


Shiitake Broth

Miso Dashi

Red Beet and Lentil


This offering has three options under the drop down: Gifting a 7 day package to you or someone you know, a 21 day reset or 40 day postpartum healing program.

The 7 day program includes 7 soups and 2 chia seed pudding with seasonal strawberry jam (shipping and/or delivery included with package)

The 21 day program includes 21 pints of soup and 9 chia seed pudding cups (this can be shipped all at once (free of shipping fees) OR over the course of 3 weeks for an additional $75 for shipping & handling within California or $150 outside of California for 3 separate weeks.

The 40 day program includes 40 pints of soup and 18 chia seed pudding. This can be shipped all at once (free of shipping fees) OR over the course of 5 weeks for an additional $125 shipping & handling within California or $150 outside of California for 5 separate weeks. 

After you place your order, we will send you a questionnaire as a link in your confirmation email- please check spam if you do not have a confirmation email immediately after your order is processed.

Please fill out our questionnaire with any known food allergies along with the date you prefer your first shipment to be received.

Please select method of shipping at check out. You will have a few options to ship all at once or over the course of your programs weeks. Please plan ahead to give our team 2-4 weeks before you need the first shipment to arrive. *Of course there are always exceptions, therefore if you prefer your first shipment by a specific date, please let our team know!

Shipping and delivery is calculated at check out. Tracking will be sent to the email used when placing the order for each shipment. 

It is our honor to be called on at this time in your life.

All sales are final.