Mommy Soups (40 Days of Healing)


This offering includes 5 weeks of shipments totaling 40 pints of soup and 20 chia seed pudding portions to aid in postpartum healing, digestion and milk production. We ship 8 portions of Mommy Soups per week and recommend 1 pint per day. Our soups are deeply nourishing. *21 days can also be ordered, see the 'quantity' drop down

As a Chef and Mom, I understand the importance and role nutrition plays with the physical and emotional body. Becoming a Mom was one of the most shocking and miraculous experiences of my life. For new moms, healing the physical body while balancing the emotional is a daily challenge. 

The first 40 days of mothering the self and a new life are sacred.

Mommy Soups is an offering to hold a container of nourishment and compassion for yourself or towards someone you care for during one of the most tender times in a woman's life.

After you place your order, we will send you a questionnaire to fill out with the due date and any known food allergies. Mommy Soups will be shipped weekly for approximately 5 weeks after birth. Please plan ahead to give our team 4 weeks before you need the first shipment to arrive

Our soups change with the season and are often dairy and gluten free. There will be approximately 6 different flavors rotated throughout the 40 days. We will also include our incredible Chia Seed Pudding that is remarkable for milk production and delicious for breakfast and/or late night feeding snacks.

Shipping and delivery is calculated at check out. Tracking will be sent to the email used when placing the order for each shipment. 

It is my honor to be called on at this time in your life.

Thank you and congratulations!

All sales are final.