Food Intentions


Creating a daily practice can quickly become a weekly ritual. And rituals build healthy habits.

The La Saison Trail Mix is designed to introduce the healthy habit of a daily break with a week-long supply of nourishing snacks to carry you through the week with power... and onto a new ritual.

The powerful practice of setting an intention and having a daily ritual...

  • (3) different trail mixes for the work week (Monday - Friday) + Saturday
  • (1) energy bar as you reach the peak of your week on Sunday
  • (1) Intention Card + La Saison® Pen to set your intention for the week

*Images show the actual kit. The idea is to portion your snacks for the week with the provided color coded containers. Start with your 2 blue portions then move onto the 2 yellow portions, finishing with the 2 purple towards the end of the week. The 7th day is your reward with the Dale bar! The image of the blue plates indicate the ingredients found in each color. Trail Mix kit contains nuts. 

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What turns a habit or a task like eating trail mix into a ritual ? It’s the thoughtful attention we bring to it, and the value we choose to assign it.  The power of a daily ritual brings us into a moment and allows us to create intentional connections. The power of a shared daily ritual lets us expand that connection with others, building a bond of trust and community.

This Trail Mix Kit was created to help you kick-start your ritual. The three different trail mixes are unique and interesting reflections of the season.  As the week continues and you climb the proverbial work-week mountain towards the weekend, the flavors of each trail mix will build and strengthen, further enhancing the connection to your ritual.  Then, once you reach the top on Sunday, we offer a nourishing energy bar to celebrate the fulfilling week and prepare you for the one to follow.


As a chef, forming habits is a part of the gig.  How we set up the kitchen, the ingredients... the music... and after 20+ years of it, I’m often left on auto-pilot. Like you, I can sometimes get caught in the pull of the daily routine, habits and happenings of life, and have to remind myself to take a moment to ... have a snack!  And not just any snack, Trail Mix, to be more precise...

In high school, I attended a “mountain school” and spent my time in the wild, living minimally, cooking and hiking.  Each time we hiked up a moderately hard mountain we always had a bag of trail mix and together we would eat it in silence and reflect on the hike, view, experience.  It wasn’t a task or a mindless habit, it became a ritual.  It created a bond that is still strong today.

And my love of food and this trail mix ritual (those yogurt covered bits that were always the best to discover in the bag) have been with me ever since, and now I want to share it with you!

Chef Natalie Niksa at Mountain School

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