Seasonal Boards


At this time, we request 3-5 weekdays to process orders (depending on the season) and are closed on Sundays. 

Our boards are exceptional and represent who we are in the kitchen: we are creatives, artistically designing each board as visual showstoppers that taste just as incredible as they look! This is not your average cheese board by any means...

Classic cheese and/or charcuterie (often local) Cheeses & Fatted Calf Charcuterie. All boards include La Saison award winning Olive Oil Roasted Almonds, handmade Savory Shortbreads, Cheese sticks, Olives, Seasonal Fruit and more!

We also have fully plant based La Saison cheeses and vegetable ‘Charcuterie’ boards with Gluten Free Savory Shortbreads available!

Leave us a note for which date and time works to pick up your board and/or deliver! Delivery is a flat rate of $50 throughout Napa Valley.

Click 'VIEW CART' before checking out in order to see the ‘special instruction box’. Please leave the date and time for when you are picking up your board in this instruction box. You must click on your cart and then click VIEW CART to find the special instruction box;) *This product does not ship.

At this time, we request 3 weekdays to process orders and are closed on Sundays. We have a minimum of $200 per board. Please inquire about our full installations with decor 

*Minimum of $1500 for on site installations
*Food pictured are actual items when ordering, however specific items may differ depending on quantity ordered and seasonality.  
All sales are final