Like the Best Wine, the Best Food Begins on the Farm

It’s no secret that California wine country is the destination to savor sips of the best Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, and more. What is a tad understated? The incredible bounty produced by local farms – the fresh, seasonal abundance that offers us the beautiful opportunity to create dishes thoughtfully and sustainably.

As soulful, eco-conscious chefs, we believe in the lasting power of a good meal and are devoted to shining a spotlight on the incredible flavors of local food. We look at food as impressionable art, and we love playing up their magic with cooking methods that are inventive and refined. 

This means that La Saison creations both delight and leave an imprint – from the presentation and the taste to the heart and soul that went into making it. You can trust that we have honored everything that comes from our farmer’s hands to yours.


These souls have made what La Saison is today.

Who We Are

La Saison is a farmer-focused catering and provisions company based in Napa Valley that marries exquisite artistry and taste with a soulful, people-first approach to everything we do. 

We lead with a deep respect and reverence for farmers.
We prioritize the health and happiness of our team.
We deliver flawless warmth and care to our guests.

Just as our namesake implies, we are all about celebrating the season – by sourcing what is available locally, keeping meals vegetable-forward, and partnering with the best wineries, companies, and people. While our mission has always been to create unforgettable memories for our guests, we are also committed to setting a new precedent for how hospitality thoughtfully sources. Instead of having a negative impact on the planet, team, local communities, and the food itself, our approach models how to honor the circle of life by deeply respecting local farmers and nurturing everyone and everything our food touches.


Meet Our Founder, Natalie Niksa

Executive Chef
Chief sprinkler of sparkles and dough master

Natalie Niksa started her culinary journey destined for Napa Valley. After graduating at the top of her class from The Culinary Institute of America Hyde Park where she was President of the campus’s wine society, she was serendipitously paired with a chef based in California wine country – and two years later she landed a coveted apprenticeship at The French Laundry. At just 24 years old, she was inspired to launch La Saison where she set out to create extraordinary culinary experiences that left a lasting imprint on her guests while also prioritizing the health and happiness of her team. Her people-first approach is the heart and soul of the La Saison brand; something that can be felt in every collaboration and creation. Today, La Saison remains a top-tier catering and provisions company that has partnered with 100-point wineries across Napa Valley and with corporations like Google, LinkedIn, and Netflix.

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 Natalie is also a writer and teacher. 
You can read past newsletters here and visit her practice Gentle Guidance here. 
We are closed on Sundays

*Photo Credits to the extraordinary souls we have been honored to work with including:

Carly Hackbarth, Sara Beth Turner, Mike Larson, Michelle Pattee, Vivan Sachs, Emma K. Morris