NIK-SA Hot! Sauce (3 pack)


 Our 2021 batch of Nik-sa hot sauce is ready!

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SPICE IT UP with our NIK-SA Hot! Sauce

Do you have a hot head in your life? Someone who walks around with Jalapenos in their pocket or a travel sized bottle of hot sauce to put on all of their food? We call these people Pepper Heads. And if they like hot sauce, they will LOVE our La Saison® NIK-SA Sauce. It's hot but not too hot but still hot enough for someone who REALLY loves hot. It's a bit of a Paradox actually and that's what makes our NIK-SA hot sauce the best.

  • Included in your order are (3) 8 oz. bottles of our hot sauce.
  • Serving Suggestions: Adding a splash into scrambled eggs, generously squirt into soups and add to aioli or BBQ sauce for an extra kick.
  • Vegan and Gluten Free.

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