Meet the Founders

La Saison® has been catering and crafting delicious food products (available nationwide) since 2007.

The Spring of 2020 brought in winds that shifted our lives in ways that only time will tell. So far, our team has shown innovation, adaptability and a passion for digging deep to win big. The 5 P's are also integrated into every single week (prior planning prevents poor performance).

Although a lot may be uncertain, what we do know is that we are creatives which means that we won't stop creating the stunning, soul satisfying foods we are known for. Everything you see on these pages is what represents who we are today, after 15+ years in business. 

We have worked with a tremendous team of talented photographers over the years to capture these memorable moments: Carly Hackbarth, Emma K. Morris, Jillian Goulding, Mark Sebastian, Michelle Pattee, Rachel Simpson, Sara Beth Turner, SeaTimber and the gracious Vivian Sachs, to name a few.

To all who have crossed our path, thank you for the journey.

Natalie & Jonathan Niksa




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