Seasonal Session Fall Message

Time is synonymous with change and of all the seasons I think Fall wears this the best. The leaves alone are magnificent and not afraid to radiate their color all while knowing that they will eventually fall. Can you imagine for a moment embodying this brilliance? Shining regardless of outcome? What is keeping you from the possibility of mastering your potential?

There are so many phrases passed down such as ‘Time is of the essence’. Essence, what a fascinating word with several peculiar definitions: the most significant element, quality, or aspect of a thing or person. The permanent as contrasted with the accidental element of being.

Are these not contradictions? Is anything permanent for one? How is significance accidental?

Where in your body do you feel the phrase here and now?
Do you believe that the present is really all that there is?
What was is and what will be, well, will be.
However, we are consumed by time, possibly even fearful of it, running out particularly.

What are we rushing for? Isn't being here, embodied the biggest journey of all?

We are in a very specific juncture of space where we (humanity) are being asked to really question, well, everything. And to call on our ancestors, the healthy spirits who have passed on who want to guide us and remind us of why we are embodied at this essence in time.

It’s beneficial to question the answers and the phrases that have been passed down that we regenerate from a state that has become all too familiar: auto pilot. We are being asked to literally wake up: choose our words, make conscious actions for our own personal growth. Rather than time being of the essence, the essence of our very being is of time, here and now. There is no time to rush.

If you are experiencing a rock bottom or confusion right now, it is imperative to get quiet, cancel out the noise and profoundly be. There is beauty in sorrow if we allow ourselves the space and ironically time to feel so that we can release and not cling to what is no longer true. There is a thread woven through and between everything right now. We are not able to integrate what is or hear the messages that are in abundance if we are not willing to pause and be still. My personal moments of alone time are critical to the health of my spirit. When we gift ourselves allowance, this energy ripples beyond our sense of measurement and divinely awards us often with more. Taking the first step always requires faith and in doing so, faith always provides.

Our intuition speaks to us often outside of language rather messages: a song, a symbol such as a feather, butterfly or sequence of numbers, a phone call or text from someone you were just thinking of etc. Versus living with the energy of 'was' or ‘next’ how about we wear the energy of ‘is and fall into trust?

When you can hold gratitude towards the ‘is-ness’, peace follows.

Accepting and being is a daily practice.
Until Winter, we are being asked to Fall;
Lean in, go over the edge, weep with gratitude and embrace it all.
Surround yourself with humans who help you to feel good and inspire you to be more YOU.

With gracious abundance and much thanksgiving for being here, now with you,