Seasonal Session Spring Energy Forecast

Today, March 20th, 2021 is the Spring Equinox.
This energy forecast for the season ahead is based for those living in the Northern Hemisphere.
The Equinox is the moment that the center of the Sun moves above the Equator. For us in the Northern Hemisphere more light begins to brighten our days as we welcome Spring.
Have you ever wondered why we don’t celebrate the New Year now? Prior to the 17th century, New Year’s Day was celebrated on March 25th. The Gregorian calendar, introduced by Pope Gregory the XIII moved the Solar calendar changing New Year’s Day to January 1st. It wasn’t until 1752 that England adopted this 'new' calendar.

It’s 2021 and I say we go back! The Solar calendar feels more in line to our natural rhythm. Everything is sprouting and turning from dark to light. NOW is the time to set new intentions and start a year ahead that is fresh and NEW. 
Each season represents a part of the galactic cycle. And whether you are comfortable welcoming it or not, you are a part of the galaxy!
Spring marks the very first sign of the Zodiac with Aries.
The Zodiac is an ecliptic coordinate including the positions of the sun and moon and other familiar planets as they follow specific paths and cycles.
Aries, Taurus and Gemini make up the Spring Sun sign energies.
Aries represents the element of Fire, Taurus Earth and Gemini Air.
We start this ‘New Season’ called Spring right out the gates with the fire sign of Aries. Aries is a pioneer and has the passion and literal fire to do anything. Thank goodness as it's the very first sign and sets the momentum for the year ahead. 
Aries rules the head. If/when you are out of balance or off course, headaches may present themself as the body has a remarkable way of communicating to us every single day. Rather than ignoring these signs, acknowledge and adjust.  Aries is like an energetic child. In order to be productive, Aries is called to release pressure and the way to do this is through action. Action can be physical movement and/or idea and intention setting. Headaches may build up if you are not releasing this pressure. Carving out time to move your body and/or put pen to paper are measurements of well-being. Aries asks us to create space for quiet time in order to gain clarity with what our needs are in order to have the passion and drive to get them started. If we don't slow down, how will we know? This year, Aries will be collaborating with others, sharing messages and bridging concepts so get clear on your message now so that you can collaborate with your community!

The Zodiac is a wheel that follows the same path starting with Aries moving into Taurus and as it does so, it learns a bit from each sign along the way. Towards the end of April, we enter into the Sun sign of Taurus moving from the element of Fire to Earth. The action-oriented energy from Aries is now landing into a daily routine with Taurus. What is a ritual you love? Are you carving out time daily to enjoy this ritual? Taurus loves being nurtured and feeling grounded. This is where we start to incorporate the balance of elements by taking the vibrancy of Aries and bringing it down to Earth through Taurus. The 'to do' list that Aries can push through will never end and Taurus reminds us to stop and literally smell the roses. The Zodiac gives us permission slips to slow down all year long and this is the very first! With this said, this year Taurus will be taking a courageous leap in the career sector and has the energy to lead. Taurus rules the neck so pay attention to any aches around this area as again, this will be a compass as to whether you are in balance with taking stride while also enjoying the ride. 
Towards the end of May we move from the Earth sign of Taurus into the Air sign of Gemini. Gemini is the great messenger, the ruler of communication. Gemini physically rules the arms and hands. Meditation and Yoga are excellent in general but particularly for Gemini's. Gemini is so busy brained that putting hands and arms to the Earth helps bring the ideas from up above, down to the plane of existence. Gemini is here to broadcast through sharing messages. Communicating our needs, boundaries and messaging may feel awkward however, this is the very foundation for strong relationships. Meditation and journal exercises will help Gemini clarify their detail oriented minds into messaging that others will be able to understand. 

Let's review the 3 signs and how they will evolve over the Spring Season: The fire sign of Aries is leading us into the portal of connection to our identity. Fill in the blank, 'I am _____' It's time to take back our power and lead in whatever way feels authentic and easy for you. The earth sign of Taurus is asking for us to set up a routine in order to stay grounded and set ourselves up to succeed. Routines offer us moments to look forward to. These are non negotiables throughout the day. It can be as simple as carving out a gentle morning routine when you wake up and a closing routine at the end of the day before bed simply acknowledging the day and letting it go. The air sign of Gemini wants nothing more than to share their ideas. In order to do this, it requires balance and awareness of how the body is feeling and what the mind needs in order to stay calm so that our language is clear and on purpose. 

*Please note that you don't have to 'be' an Aries, Taurus or Gemini to apply this message. Everyone has every sign in their chart. So explore the energies above and see where they are playing out for you in your life whether it be through self identity, home, creativity, relationships, partnerships in business etc. For example, if Aries is in your 7th house, you may be asked to take charge of a contractural relationship (whether that be in business or marriage) vs. the 10th house would be your career. 

From the human design perspective, Spring in my opinion is the energy of the Manifestor. The Manifestor makes up only about 8% of the population and their energetic Auras are big. The hardest part for Manifestors is often times, they don’t know it! Manifestors are really being asked to embody the energy of Aries, Taurus and Gemini as Spring highlights the very start of this solar calendar year and that’s exactly what Manifestors do, they get things started; they flick the domino of sorts. It’s through informing their community that their message has a place to land. Informing is critical for a Manifestor as they too like Aries hold a lot of pressure that builds up if they do not use their voice. And it's not only Manifestors who can benefit from this so let's review: In order to be confident enough to speak, we need the drive of Aries which asks us to take risks and believe while keeping our feet on the Earth and knowing what we value through Taurus is healthy and key to balance. It is not selfish to like nice things or need certain pieces of art or flowers to bring you peace in your home. in order to grasp the role of a Manifestor, it requires an embodiment of Aries, Taurus and Gemini collaborating together in balance and generating ideas which bridge opportunities for others. Since we don’t know who is a Manifestor living among us (unless you have your birth information and look up a chart) my guidance as we start this season is to create safe spaces for everyone in your life to be heard. When we talk less, we listen more. Manifestors aren’t always the loudest. They ironically keep a lot to themselves when we would all REALLY benefit from hearing their ideas.  We want Manifestors to share their messages as they are the ones that set the rest of the 92% of the population up to do the jobs that all of the others are meant to do (as you will see in the upcoming newsletters) How do we create safe spaces? Spring is a time Christians celebrate the resurrection of Christ, Jesus. And Jesus spoke, ‘do unto others as you would want done unto you’. And so, we start and welcome Spring in no other way but other than Divinely so. 

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With gratitude,

P.S. Sneak peak: The next Seasonal Session Newsletter will be released on the Summer Solstice. I will be focusing on the Moon Cycles. There are 8 total moon phases every month over the 28 day cycle offering us a monthly opportunity too regroup, reset and start fresh every.single.month. Thank you, Mother Moon!