Seasonal Session Summer Energy Forecast

I have been reflecting a lot lately on how often we are on autopilot or doing things because, that’s just the way they have been done.

Summer was always a ‘season’ I looked toward for solace.

Even though it’s been 20 years since I have operated on a ‘school’ calendar, Summer always marked the time of the year to reset.

I find it astonishing and yet not surprising how orchestrated the seasons are for our own benefit of creation, integration and adaptation.

As a quick refresher each season is broken up into 3 months +/_

Spring starts on March 20th and ends while Summer is starting on June 20th. Within each season there is a time to get things started, hunker down to do the work and then integrate whatever consumed us during this timeframe to share with others in order to create space for what’s to come. For example, Spring starts towards the end of March with a fiery sense of ‘let’s get things started' spirit, the buds are bursting from the ground and there is a lot of literal buzzing in the air. By the time May comes, we are focusing on what we ideally started a few weeks back, tweaking/honing and moving somewhat slowly as it requires attention to work on what we are here to accomplish. If we don’t slow down, we may feel exhausted trying to keep the same pace as we had getting the idea off the ground. Does this resonate for anyone this past May?

By June, we are in the season of sharing what we have been working on with others, receiving feedback and perhaps collaborating. And this system of seasonal ebb and flow continues for 9 more months for 3 more seasons!

What’s most beautiful with Summer is that it has the same energy to get things started as each start to each season has, however the energy is feminine (versus the Spring which is masculine). Summer is more fluid, less rigid a bit more passive and freer flowing.  Cancer (The Zodiac sign that kicks off the start to the Summer season) after all is ruled by the Moon. The moon has 8 phases each month allowing us to gather our thoughts, set intentions, make adjustments, reflect, release, celebrate, share and surrender in order to create room for whatever may be next. I love how symbolic it is that we associate Summer with water and in a way the moon bathes us in light and darkness, cleansing our entire emotional body every.single.month Wow. Ok. 

If you would like to learn more about the Moon phases, I offer one on one sessions.

The Summer of 2021 is asking us to regroup, reimagine and really have some fun.

Each of us is undeniably on purpose. How are you showing up as YOU to others right now? How might you express what really defines your authenticity?  There are cosmic changes happening that are once in a lifetime and very much for us (versus to us). We are supported and being asked to trust in these changes by making the necessary personal changes in order to remember how to shine. When we shine, we give others permission to do the same. We are each miracles, human beings connecting and sharing thoughts, dreams, ideas through our voices. This is how we manifest, alchemize and attract what is entering our own individual worlds. As Maya Angelou stated, ‘Words stick to things’ so let’s bring awareness this Summer to speaking consciously.

I believe we all have the younger version of who we were as a child deep within our being always seeking to be seen, feel safe with the never-ending thirst to create. This Summer is all about living from the heart. Play music, dance barefoot under the stars, paint, write and simply be with those who make you feel like the best version of your younger YOU. It’s time to call the shadow out. As Brene Brown's work shares, shame cannot survive when you name it. We are transforming our paths, together and rewriting our stories.

We are being asked to think not only outside of the box but to draw a completely new box! We all have an inner knowing of what makes us feel good. This is our compass. It is time to slow down and listen. There are messages with guidance and support everywhere. Life is what happens to us while we are busy making other plans - John Lennon

Let's be right here and now Summer 2021.